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Kreenholm Textile Manufacturing Enterprise, founded 161 years ago, had a choir that was once conducted by the grandfather of Georg Ots, one of the most loved singers in Estonia. Now we can enjoy contemporary opera and ballet from Estonia and its neighboring countries in this deliciously historical environment. Narva Opera Festival is the meeting place of east and west, history and the present day, aristocrats and bohemians. The freshest breeze of world musical theatre is blowing around the abandoned industrial complex. In Kreenholm, you can experience czarist airs, Soviet festivity, and present-day cosmopolitanism. Here avant-garde boldness is combined with the best traditions.

Narva Opera Festival events are also taking place in Narva Castle and the recently opened Vaba Lava, where performances in a chamber-like manner can be experienced. Narva Opera Festival includes world premieres of productions, family events, dance theatre, and performances that synthesize different arts.

The Festival initiator, chief organisor and artistic director is Julia Savitskaja, singer and recipient of the East Virumaa Cultural Endowment Pearl award for 2018.

Narva Ooperi Päevad


Creative Leader: Julia Savitskaja

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